At last... Spring is finally in the air

As most of you Midwesterners & East Coasters know, we had another rough winter here. With the snow, the cold, the really cold and some more snow, it felt like winter was never gonna end. Now that the weather is warmer and seems to be staying (for the most part), it is always a nice feeling to be able to get my car cleaned up from all the winter salt, open up the sunroof and let the sun shine in. And now that we (ididit) carry a full line of goodies from Meguiars, my car sparkles even better.  Recently I had a chance to try out some of their products and I have to say the results were spectacular! With spring upon us, being on the tech side of things here at ididit, I?ve been receiving more and more calls from people who are also getting their cars out of storage and all cleaned up!  The calls I have been getting all range from people who are installing their new columns to people who just got a new steering wheel for the year and need to know how to install it. I?ve also been getting calls from people wanting to purchase Meguiars wax and products to get the car nice a clean and shiny again and some who are trying to stay ahead of the summer heat and getting Vintage Air products.  It really is a broad range, but spring really is in the air and we love it! Another thing I love about spring here in Michigan is you get see all the cool Mustang?s, Camaro?s, Chevelle?s and Mopar?s emerging out of their winter storage area to start their engines up for another year of hot rodding!  No more visions of the nasty snow and salt encrusted cars of the winter (for a few months at least.)  Spring also marks the beginning of car cruises and swap meets! We?re excited to announce that we are hosting a swap meet (our first ever) on May 30th. We are calling it our ?Junk In Your Classic Trunk? swap meet. Load up the trunk of your ?79 or older classic vehicle and come on out to ididit to sell your automotive parts! Click here to find out more http://www.ididitinc.com/news-events.php Welcome back spring?ahhhh, we?ve missed you. Derek Auten Sales Representative