We get phone calls...boy, do we get phone calls

Nobody ever wants to be, "that guy".  You know who I'm talking about, right?  Well, I'm here to tell you a couple of humorous stories about, "that guy".  I am assuming that quite a few of you that are reading this have had the pleasure of dealing with the public so you should be able to relate. A few years ago I'm on the phone with a customer.  Being a company that manufactures and sells steering columns I was helping him with putting together his entire steering system.  From the wheel to his rack...or his steering box...or his steering gear...or, you get the idea?  Here was one of those guys that you just want tell him, "sir, put down that wrench and slowly back away from the vehicle."  Because when I asked him if he had a rack and pinion or steering box, his answer was yes!  I was sure that he didn't understand the question so I asked him again and again I got the same answer.  He just knew that he had a rack and a steering box.  Needless to say it was a long conversation.  We figured out what column would work the best for his application, and the length of column drop and the mount he needed for his firewall.  Where we had fun was in figuring out how to connect the column to his rack/steering box.  Here at ididit, we have just about every conceivable combination of Borgeson u-joint.  What we don't have is a Y joint!  He was a great guy with a good sense of humor.  But just maybe in over his head. We introduced the swivel column drop several years ago and since then have sold thousands.  It is a great product that has helped many a street rodder when installing his column.  We are very proud of our machinists here at ididit and our polishers. Their good work is was lead to this next example of a call from "that guy"... A gentleman called me one day who was not very happy.  He had bought a chrome tilt column from us along with a polished aluminum column drop.  There was no way he was going to scratch up his new column by trying to drag that drop up the tube of the column.  Not to mention having to cut the wires off of the plug, stuff them inside the column, only to have to fish them back out again after he somehow manages to get that darn drop up the tube!  I was stifling a chuckle (not good manners to laugh at your customer) when I asked him if he had taken the two halves of the drop apart.  I was told that there was no way that drop came apart.  It was obviously a solid piece of aluminum and he proceeded to tell me again how he would not try to drag that thing up his chrome column!  The rest of the story is that he had never taken it out of the packaging.  When we package our drops we shrink wrap it onto ididit card stock.  The shrink wrap is clear so we can show off our work and in many cases you can't find the line that separates the two halves.  After much discussion about him returning the part, I finally offered him double his money back if it truly was not a 2 piece drop.  That must have been enough to get him to take it out of the package and examine it further.  I got him to loosen the screws on the bottom that holds it together.  At that point there was a long pause until he uttered an, "I'll be darned".  He laughed so did I and the world was once again a beautiful place. Marty Waterstraut Sales Manager
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