As it is the turning of the New Year I feel it is appropriate that I speak of things pertaining to it. During this time of year it seems like there is no respite from the bitter cold and the sun will never show its warm face again. Everyone will be turning a year older within the next 12 months- my son will be 2 going on 15 it seems, and I have stopped counting gray hairs and started thinking of ways to hide them. All of that aside, I am also reminded of past New Year?s resolutions:
  • Go on a diet- More like a see-food diet!
  • Stop swearing- I come from a family of construction workers, am a Navy veteran, and turn wrenches on the side, so you can guess where that ended up.
  • Stop smoking- I haven?t touched a cigarette in years but can't seem to leave the cigars alone.
  • Save money- right!?!
So where do I venture with my new year's resolution this year? I guess I could start by being nicer, since these days it seems I am rougher and rougher with those around me. I could also take more initiative in things I believe should get done instead of complaining and not lifting a finger. I could help around the house more, but now that's pushing it (just kidding). I think when I think about it, I could do a great many things more for resolutions. Looking back I remember when my parents told me enjoy it while it lasts. I didn't understand it then, but I do now. Every time I turn around my nieces and nephews are a foot taller, my truck has a little more rust on it, old injuries hurt a little more, and what used to be a sapling in the yard is twenty feet tall. Time, it seems, is passing me by - and I have had enough of it. My new year's resolution is going to be this- to laugh and live life, and be the best me that I can be. To you and yours, Happy New Year! Kyle Sutherland Sales Representative  
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