Don't be that guy - Driving Edition

Since we are knee deep in car show season and have been to traveling to and from a lot lately I thought I would get something of my chest... Driving...we all do it...some better than others.  I drive to a lot of the shows we attend across this country.  And while towing a 32 foot trailer behind a 1 ton crew-cab dually doesn't make me a "truck driver," it does allow me to see the best and worst in people behind the wheel. Here are a few experiences I've had lately. Texting...really people?  There is no way that a person can pay attention to the road and text.  They swerve, slow down, speed up, sit at green lights, run through red lights.  DON'T DO IT!  I was recently cut-off by a guy in a pick-up truck...on a bridge.  Luckily there was no one in the lane to my left or it might have gotten ugly.  He was on his phone and never looked.  Of course if you honk at one of these idiots you're usually greeted with some form of sign language! How about when you see signs for construction ahead and one lane or the other is closed.  Here they come!!!  The people that come flying past you, sometimes on the shoulder, to get ahead of as many other vehicles as they can.  Personally I really like it when a semi pulls out to block the lane and prevent these fools from endangering the rest of us. Whether it's putting on make-up, shaving, reading the morning paper or whatever else they do when driving; it's careless, not very smart and downright dangerous. Let's be careful out there people! Marty Waterstraut Sales Manager
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