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Occasionally we get calls from customers reporting that their ididit package was damaged during shipping or missing parts, like the dress-up kit. I would like to address some of these rare issues that unfortunately do occur. First, a little history? Since we take pride in the fact that we design safe & durable steering columns we felt that our packaging needed to do the same. So many years ago we took part of a UPS program where they tested our packaging at that time and put it through the common (and some uncommon) stresses of everyday shipping. With some good pointers from UPS and a few designs tweaks of our own (like our custom molded foam that hugs the column while in the box) we implemented a durable packaging system. The packaging that we use today is the result of those efforts and I am happy to report that we have very few damages to our packages during the shipping process. Having said that, we know that stuff happens. No matter how well we package our products, some things are just out of our control.  This is why we put a bright green sticker (you can?t miss it) on all of our column boxes instructing the customer to inspect the package as soon as they receive it. If you notice any damage at all, inform the shipping person (if they are still there) and then call us immediately. If you notice any pieces that appear to be missing, again, please call us after you have thoroughly checked both ends of the box of course. Having been in this industry for nearly 30 years we know that people like to buy car parts ahead of time, which in turn get stored in the garage (or under the bed) until they are actually needed. We have heard it all! But the package really does need to be checked as soon as you receive it. So please, take everything out of the box, touch it, look at it and make sure nothing is damaged or missing.  As you can probably imagine, it is extremely difficult to file a shipping claim or replace a missing part a year later (or 5 years later, yes, we have gotten that call!) So let?s make everyone?s life a bit easier and check those packages! Hope your purchasing experiences with ididit are always wonderful! Lorri Brown ididit Customer Service
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