New Muscle vs. Old Muscle

We?re living in a pretty great time right now, especially if you're a fan of muscle cars.  Just look at what is coming out of Detroit these days?Camaro, Mustang, Challenger for starters.  And while all of the focus is of course on the big horsepower V-8s; LS motors, Hemi?s, Coyotes, etc., do you know that the V-6 engines in these cars are putting out in excess of 300hp?  That would have been a good number for a small block V-8 back in the 60s!  Add to that, vastly improved fuel mileage and it's easy to see that we've come a long way from the early days of the muscle car.  But are they really better?  Well there is reason so many of these older cars, from Vettes to Mustangs to Camaros to whatevers, are now being retro-fitted with later model or after-market suspensions and drive trains.  I love a '69 Camaro, I had one in high school.  But the ride and handling just can't compare to the Camaro of today.  Let's talk Challenger or Charger Hellcat.  Did anything back then put out 700+HP right from the factory?  I don't think so!  It took a while for the Corvette guys to come around and some still think it's a sin to cut one up.  But putting a C4 or later suspension with an LS motor into a 50's or 60s Vette makes it soooo much better!  I grew up in what most people would call the "glory days" of the muscle car.  I remember riding my bike to the local Chevy/Olds dealer to see what new cars came in.  So I'll always be nostalgic for the older stuff.  While we've sadly lost many makes such as Pontiac, Olds, Plymouth and Mercury?what we're left with are some of the best running, best handling, and yes even fuel efficient cars ever to be produced.  Who knows what we'll be driving in the future?  Maybe a hydrogen powered 1000hp Camaro SS or a 50mpg hybrid Mustang.  Remember, someday our kids (or grand kids) will look back on today's rides as their "glory days" for the muscle car. Marty Waterstraut Sales Manager
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