Life is ever changing

As we are all aware, life is ever changing. For the last 30 years Ken and I have had so much fun in all of our endeavors in the hot rod industry. Ken has always had a passion for cars, engines, machines and especially hot rods. When he started building steering columns, I initially just went along for the ride. I thought it would either work or it wouldn?t work, so why not try! He was a responsible husband and father so I trusted his instincts. Well, it became clear after a few short months that if we were going to be serious about selling steering columns I was going to have to manage the money and the marketing. As a bonus, we had terrific support from our two kids and they helped us with the daily jobs of machining and marketing. I think it happened so gradually and we were having so much fun exploring a new adventure that we never realized how quickly the years were passing. So as most of you already know, Ken & I are starting a new adventure?.retirement. As we look ahead we can?t help but look back and reflect on all that we have accomplished. What started out as a hobby turned into one of the most recognizable aftermarket parts companies in the Hot Rod industry today. We successfully navigated the business through all the ups and downs of the economy. As we grew, we moved to bigger buildings and expanded our product line all while keeping our intimate ididit family intact & happy. So, what could be next? I have gained many mentors inside the industry that have always given me great advice on business & in life. As I looked to them today for insight I found that many were retired! So, I guess I took their advice on that as well and did the same. Don?t get me wrong, this industry is still and will always be our passion, we?ll just be able to enjoy it in the spectator seat now. We look forward to being able to stop at all of those beautiful communities we passed through over the years as we headed to York, Knoxville, or Pleasanton to work at the car shows. There are so many great adventures in this country that we want to explore and haven?t had time to until now. We are so happy to hand off the key?s to someone that understands our industry and who wanted ididit to continue forward and grow. They share and appreciate the value of our employee?s knowledge and dedication. To Ken and I it seems we have found the perfect group to carry on our tradition of quality, safety and customer service. Thank you for making our journey so much fun! This wasn?t just a job for us, it was our passion, and because of all of you we turned something we loved into a 30 year career! Thank you for your support for the last 30 years and we?ll see you at a car show somewhere! Sincerely, Jane and Ken Callison
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