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Paintable Steel 1965 Ford Falcon tilt floor shift steering column
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1964-65 Falcon - Tilt Floor Shift & Column Shift

Retrofit Series

You asked for it, you got it! The tried and tested, Ford style Falcon tilt steering column features all Ford wiring, a Ford splined top shaft and will easily attach to your modified stock gearbox with an ididit installation kit. Simply remove the old column then cut and modify the shaft on your gearbox into the 3/4"DD shape. Using your original under dash mount and the new model specific floor mount (included), install your new Falcon column in place of the old. Add your stock Falcon wheel and enjoy the convenience of 8-position tilt for that comfortable ride.

Dimmer/wiper and cruise control options can NOT be added to the Ford Style column due to the manufacturers design of the Ford Style wiring harness.

Warning: The Column Shift column is 2" longer and will move the steering wheel 2" closer to the driver compared to the original.

Please Note: When installing your OEM steering wheel to your ididit Ford Style Retrofit Column, the OEM wheel must be for the same year application as the column. Use of a different year WILL result in damage to the turn signal switch.

Tilt Floor Shift

  Paintable Steel Chrome Black Powder Coated
1964 1170904010 1170904020 1170904051
1965 1170906010 1170906020 1170906051

Tilt Column Shift

  Paintable Steel Chrome Black Powder Coated
1964 1130904010 1130904020 1130904051
1965 1130906010 1130906020 1130906051
Standard Features

8-Position Tilt
Horn Brush (1964 only)
Gearbox Cover
Locating Slots
Ford Turn Signal Switch
Early Ford Style Knobs & Levers
Ford Wiring Connector (1964 has Bullet style connectors)
Ford Splined Top Shaft
3/4"-36 Lower Shaft

Bolt your original Falcon wheel directly to the column, no adpator required. (must be for the same year application as the column). 

Accessories & Add-Ons

What you'll need to install column
This column is designed to use the original under dash mount and comes with a new ididit model specific floor mount.

3/4"-36 x 3/4"DD Coupler (1965 Manual Stock Box)
part # 3000313449

Finishing the installation
The 3/4" solid shaft from your original column will need to be cut and modified into what is referred to as a DD shape.


Use the coupler to connect the intermediate shaft to the ididit column.


1964 Black Powder Coated Finish