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Black powder coated 1962-66 Nova tilt column shift steering column
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1962-73 Nova - Tilt Column Shift

Retrofit Series

This retrofit column is designed to fit your Nova and does NOT require modification to your original vehicle to install. For 1969-73 Nova's, simply remove your old column, saving your original under dash mount and floor mount. 1962-67 Nova's can also reuse the original under dash mounts, but it is recommended that you purchase a NEW 1962-67 Nova Floor Mount. Using an ididit installation kit, install your new steering column in place of the old. These columns come complete with a neutral safety switch (shift indicator not included). The shift pattern on the column allows you to use either a 3 or 4-speed automatic transmission. A shift linkage (new or original) is required for installation and will attach to the lower shift arm provided on the column. Using an adaptor, add an aftermarket wheel and the gripping surface of the new wheel will be in the same location as the original.

  Paintable Steel Chrome Black Powder Coated Brushed Aluminum Polished Aluminum
1962-66 1140646010 1140646020 1140646051 1150646030 1150646040
1967 1140630010 1140630020 1140630051 1150630030 1150630040
1968 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
1969-73 w/Key 1540720010 1540720020 1540720051 N/A N/A
1546720010 1546720020 1546720051 N/A N/A
Standard Features

8-Position Tilt
Ignition & Relay Pack (1969-73 only)
Self-Canceling Turn Signals
4-Way Flashers
Knobs & Levers
Dash Locating Slot (1962-66 only)
Neutral Safety Switch
3 7/8" Wiring Plug
3/4" 36 Lower Shaft
1967 columns include a Wiring Harness Adaptor

Steering Wheel Adaptor Required (for Aftermarket Wheel)
1969 or Newer GM Passenger Car
3, 5, 6, and 9 Bolt patterns available

Accessories & Add-Ons

What you'll need to install column
This column is designed to use the original under dash mount
and floor mount.
For 1962-67 Nova's we recommend purchasing a new ididit 1962-67 Nova Floor Mount (part # 2400020010)
*Click on the Installation Kit link below to find the appropriate installation kit

Enhancing your column
Steering Wheel Adaptor
Adapt your original steering wheel with an ididit Horn Kit with Ring
Cruise Control
Dimmer/Wiper Kit
Add keyed ignition or upgrade to Touch-N-Go Start keyless ignition (not available in aluminum finishes)

Finishing the installation
Installation Kits
Shift Indicator

1967 Paintable Steel Finish