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An open letter to our Valued Customers, Dealers and Supporters ididit has been manufacturing steering columns for 27 years. We also love and understand hot rods, it is in our blood. We would never create a steering column just to make money. We realize every day that lives are in our hands every time someone gets behind one of our columns. That is why we will never sacrifice quality for price. Before we came to the market in 1986, the only choice many hot rodder?s had for a steering column was to get a GM column out of a junk yard and ?make? it fit. Sometimes they were successful and sometimes their creations were downright dangerous. We knew there had to be a better way. So, after analyzing the ?Big 3?s? columns, and figuring out everything that we didn?t like about them, Ken Callison, the founder of our company, came up with a design that was both safe and had ?the look? that hot rodder?s wanted. Aftermarket steering columns were born. For years we were happy with making some parts, buying others and building columns.  We had a little competition through the years but competition is healthy, it keeps you creative and on your toes. Many years ago, Ken saw a trend he didn?t like. More and more companies were getting their products made off shore. We were even approached by some of these foreign companies that promised cheap parts and big profits. We quickly declined. Ken decided the qualities from off shore parts were going to hurt this industry. They were going to cost our country jobs, and in most cases the quality was terrible. He spent two years on a mission to make sure that every single part found in all of our columns was made in the USA. It was at a time when the automakers were having massive layoffs. We were able to find quality ?second tier? suppliers to the big three that were hungry for our business for the items that our previous suppliers couldn?t guarantee were made in the USA.  In most cases, we found that the increased cost of being made in the USA was not significant; our customers are willing to pay for a quality part for their hot rod. Many of you have heard somebody with a horror story of the cheap, off shore column they bought that fell apart. The market was flooded with them a few years ago. They were sold under many different names but all had the same marketing angle; They were cheap and the economy was bad so why spend the extra money for an ididit column? Safety and quality, that?s why! Our steering columns have never been exactly copied by any off shore group because they never produced any parts for us. They had nothing to copy. People are now realizing what unsafe, junk these columns are. We are proud to share an independent study with you done by the LVVTA (Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association) out of New Zealand. Our steering column was the first to meet the strict safety standards set by this group. New Zealand has actually banned some other columns that are currently being sold in the United States. Please go to: http://www.lvvta.org.nz/documents/infosheets/LVVTA_Info_01-2013_Unsafe_Aftermarket_Steering_Columns.pdf to learn more about this important study. Also, go to our web site at www.ididitinc.com and see why we are proud to say ididit!   Sincerely, Jane Callison President
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