Cabin Fever

When I was in California for the Grand National Roadster show, I enjoyed seeing the occasional street rod on the boulevard. It's something that you'll never see during the winter here in the Midwest! Street rod owners around here have a special place in our garage that keeps our car safe and dry. If we're really lucky, our baby is even warm! It's been a particularly long and cold winter here in Michigan... but we'll get through it! Staying positive is key! Often times, people around here have been pent up at home for so long and are just itching to do something productive. It's what us northern folk like to call "cabin fever", and it can cause even the longest to-do lists to disappear! When the car owner in Michigan has taken all his winter naps, cleaned the basement, and has crossed everything else off his list, he escapes to the garage to check on his baby. As he is having his diet cola (or beer, depending on how bad the winter has been) he makes a mental checklist of all the improvements he has in the planning stages for his baby. Maybe I could put in an air conditioning unit... that would be easy to talk my partner into... really, the brakes should be replaced. I could tell her it's a safety issue and get disc brakes all around! What about a new motor? Better have another drink and think this through! Are you getting the picture now? Either out of desperation or boredom, we are catching cabin fever. Our illness is prevailing through the winter. Hopefully when spring arrives, we will regain our strength with an organized basement, a cleared to-do list, and the strength to face a new season with a new and improved ride! Think spring!
Jane Callison
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