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Custom Column Diagrams

ididit is here to help you every step of the way. We created these Custom Column forms for our Universal Series steering columns as a guide to help you determine what measurements you‘ll need to in order to make your custom ididit column the way you want it. By filling out our Custom Column Form you will be providing us with all the valuable information we need to make your custom column fit your specific application. Simply click on the link below to open the pdf form for the column you want, and save the file. Open the saved file and fill out the form fields accordingly. Once you're done, you can use the email button to email the form directly to ididit or you can simply print it out and fax it over to us. Please note that custom charges may apply when creating a custom column.

Universal “Classic” Straight
Universal Straight Floor Shift
Universal Straight Column Shift
Universal Tilt Floor Shift
Universal Tilt Column Shift
Universal Tilt/Tele Floor Shift
Universal Tilt/Tele Column Shift

Tech Tips

Neutral Safety Switch – Universal Columns
Have you ever wondered why there is no neutral safety switch on our Universal Series columns with a shifter? It’s simple really, we don’t know where to put it. Let’s say you want a 30” tilt column w/shift for your Model A sedan. You would want that switch located in one position whereas the guy with the 1948 Ford pickup will need it located in a different position. Not to worry, we have the solution! If you want a neutral safety switch on your column all you need to do is some simple measuring and tell us where it needs to be. We can then build your column with the switch mounted to your specs. A couple of things to keep in mind…it needs to be a minimum of 1” below the bottom of the wire slot and a minimum of 2” up from the bottom of the tube. We’ll also need to know where to clock it…12:00 is most common but it can be anywhere around the tube.

Lower Shift Lever - Re-install Lockwashers & Screws
When repositioning the lower shift lever on your ididit column shift column, make sure you re-install the supplied LOCK WASHERS and SCREWS. If they are not securely installed, the lower shift lever may vibrate loose, allowing it to fall off the column.

Synchronizing your Steering Column – Turn Signals Canceling properly
This quick and easy step is often times overlooked and should be done before placing your steering wheel and adaptor onto your column for final assembly. If you look at the top portion of your ididit steering column you will see that the shaft extends further than the length of the column and protrudes through the center of the white Horn Cam, which sits above the top of the column sleeve. The Horn Cam not only acts as the mechanism for your horn, but it’s also ensures that your turn signals cancel. In order for your turn signals to cancel properly the Horn Cam needs to be in the correct position. To do this, check to verify that your driving wheels are pointed straight and your steering column is connected properly to your box or rack. With your thumb and index finger turn the horn cam until the horn tube (the white tube that sticks up) is at the 10:30 position. Now that the Horn Cam is properly aligned your turn signals will cancel like they should and you can now complete the installation of your steering wheel and adaptor. To see the tech video of this process CLICK HERE.

ididit Horn Kit Update
ididit offers two different horn kits designed to adapt your older, stock GM steering wheels to the ididit column. Part # 2612100040 will fit “MOST” 1955-68 GM steering wheels but we are finding a few exceptions. Our part # 2612100240 will work on the 1965 Impala and Chevelle (not the SuperSport) as well as the 1966 Nova wheel as these wheels have a different diameter. As we identify others we will be sure to keep you updated.

Original Mustang Steering Wheels
When installing your OEM steering wheel to your ididit Ford Style Mustang Steering Column, the OEM steering wheel must be for the same year application as the column. Use of a different year wheel WILL result in damage to the turn signal switch!

Original Chevy Truck Steering Wheels Original 1960-66 steering wheels will NOT fit on top of any ididit 1960-66 Chevy truck column. With the help of ididit’s 1955-68 horn kit w/ ring, a stock 1967-72 wheel will bolt to your 1967-72 ididit steering column. The 1973-78 stock steering wheel will bolt directly to the top of an ididit steering column with no additional accessories or modifications.

ididit GM Style Wiring Harness
The black wire located on ididit’s GM Style wiring harness (that most of us may think is Ground) is actually for the Horn Wire. This wire, no matter what anyone says otherwise should NEVER be hooked to anything other than the negative side of the horn relay. If this wire gets any type of power, your column could potentially short out and cause major damage to your vehicle. This is so important that we affix a precautionary sticker on each of the Black Wires of the GM Wiring Harness. We urge you to read all instructions prior to installation.

1969 Camaro Neutral Safety Switch
Original 1969 Camaro floor shift columns came with a neutral safety switch. When installing your new ididit 1969 Camaro tilt floor shift column, you will need to relocate the neutral safety switch to the transmission.

Ignition Wiring for 1969-70 Pontiac Firebird, GTO, etc.
In our catalog you may have noticed that the ’69 Camaro tilt column with ignition cannot be substituted into the Firebird and the 1969-72 Chevelle/El Camino tilt column with ignition cannot be substituted into the GTO. This is due to Pontiac having a different ignition wiring system in the 1969 &1970 models. If you have any questions regarding this please give us a call!

1964 Chevy Impala SS
ididit columns are designed to fit right up against the dash and on some 1964 Chevy Impala SS’s there is a tachometer that sits right above the steering column. This poses a slight problem. If you are faced with this issue, when ordering your ididit column simply give us a call or let your dealer know that you will need a column that is 2 inches longer and the added length will give you all the room you need to clear the tachometer.

Tri-Five Chevy Floor Mounts
When installing the Classic Chevy Floor Mount you want to be sure that it is secured firmly to your column, but you don’t want to tighten it to tightly. The mount has a strong clamp that secures the mount to the column and if you tighten it too much there is a good chance you could deform your column. It is especially important if you have a column shift column as it will affect the shifting mechanism inside the column. If you are having difficulty getting into any gear, your floor mount is too tight. Our advice is to make sure the clamp is snug, but not too tight.

Golf Carts with Horn
Defining the type of golf cart you are working on is important when ordering your column. If you have a gas powered cart the horn can be used as it originally came, on the floor or connected to the steering column. If you have an electric cart there is a grounding issue that will need to be dealt with as an electric cart has no isolated ground. Your ididit column needs an isolated ground in order for the horn button to work. We have a simple solution however. ididit offers a replacement turn signal lever and relay kit that is an isolated system and allows a functional horn on the end of the turn signal. It does require a special lever and relay pack. This can be purchased and installed right at our facility ($169.14 retail). Or you can install this kit yourself ($119.14 retail).

What U-Joint or Rag Joint will fit my steering box?
Here at ididit, we try to get you the best information possible, and now we have a way to make choosing the right parts easier. Click here for a list of the most common steering boxes used on the market, along with their manufacturer and input shaft sizes to help you find what u-joint or rag joint to use.

ididit Jeep Column to a Painless Wiring Kit Instructions
If your Jeep has a Painless Wiring Harness installed, we recommend that you use Ignition Relay Pack #510297 in order for everything to work properly. Click here for more information.

What to know when buying a steering column checklist

What to know when buying a steering column checklist