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Steering Wheel Adaptors

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Steering wheel adaptors are made to adapt the 3, 5, 6, or 9-bolt patterns of a steering wheel to the tapered, splined top shaft of a steering column.  All ididit adaptors will fit most ididit columns as well as most 1969 or newer GM passenger car columns and are secured in place with a single nut.  A horn wire is included with most adaptors.

9 Bolt Adaptor

These 9-bolt pattern adaptors will match aftermarket wheels from Lecarra, Billet Specialties, Budnik, Colorado Custom, and more!

Standard adaptor size is 2.5" deep.

  Chrome Brushed Aluminum Polished Aluminum Black Powder Coated
Standard No Horn 2201300020 2201300030 2201300040 2201300051
Standard w/Horn 2201310020 2201310030 2201310040 2201310051


9 Bolt "Shorty" Adaptor

The ididit 9-bolt shorty adaptor is uniquely designed to move the bolting surface of the steering wheel 2" closer to the dash, giving you that extra "belly room".  Caution should be taken when using this adaptor.  Please note the clearance needed between the wheel and turn signal lever, and/or shift arm. Modifications may be necessary for proper installation.

  Chrome Polished Aluminum
9 Bolt Shorty 2201100020 2201100040


5 & 6 Bolt Adaptors

5 and 6-bolt adaptors for Grant and Lecarra steering wheels come with a horn button. 

Momo, Dino, Nardi, Diablo and Corvette adaptors do not because the horn button is already included on the steering wheel.  

Standard adaptor size is 2.5" deep.

  Chrome Brushed Aluminum Polished Aluminum Black Powder Coated
5 Bolt Grant 2207310020 2207310030 2207310040 2207310051
6 Bolt Lecarra 2202310020 2202310030 2202310040 2202310051
6 Bolt Momo 2202320020 2202320030 2202320040 2202320051
6 Bolt Dino/Diablo 2202330020 2202330030 2202330040 2202330051
6 Bolt Nardi 2202340020 2202340030 2202340040 2202340051
6 Bolt 1963-66 & 68 Corvette 2202350020 2202350030 2202350040 2202350051
6 Bolt 1956-62 Corvette 2202360020 2202360030 2202360040 2202360051


3 Bolt Adaptor

Grant and Wheel Shoppe are the most popular applications for the ididit standard 3-bolt adaptor.  Add the convenience of a horn button for your Pete & Jake's or other bell style steering wheel with the ididit "Bell" style 3-bolt adaptor.  

Standard adaptor size is 1.25" deep.

  Chrome Brushed Aluminum Polished Aluminum Black Powder Coated
3 Bolt STD 2208310020 2208310030 2208310040 2208310051
3 Bolt "Bell" 2209300020 2209300030 2209300040 2209300051
3 Bolt "Bell" with Horn 2209310020 2209310030 2209310040 2209310051


1955-68 Horn Kit

ididit's 1955-68 Horn Kit has everything you need to adapt most 1955-68 GM stock steering wheels to your ididit steering column. This horn kit fills the gap between the wheel and the column and even allows you to retain horn function. Comes complete with aluminum trim ring, horn contact plate, spring, pin and retainer.

Part # 2612100040

1965 Impala/Chevelle & 1966 Nova Horn Kit

This Horn kit will adapt a stock 1965 Impala and Chevelle (not the SuperSport) steering wheel to your ididit steering column as well as a stock 1966 Nova wheel. Comes complete with aluminum trim ring, horn contact plate, spring, pin and retainer.
Part # 2612100240

1970-74 Cuda/Challenger OE Wheel Adaptor

This 3-bolt wheel adaptor is specially designed to bolt your OE steering wheel or reproduction wheel to your ididit 1970-74 Cuda/Challenger column.

Available in:
Chrome 2209320020
Black Powder Coated 2209320051
Brushed Aluminum 2209320030
Polished Aluminum 2209320040